Off Track Garage Door Repair

A common cause of a garage door off track is one or both of the garage door cables breaking. A garage door cable may break after years of use and natural wear and tear. Typically, a cable will break only on one side of the garage door track at a time and during the process of opening. Aside from the garage door cable breaking, there are two other ways a garage door may become off track. Sometimes garage doors come off track due to an obstructed path or the garage door being hit by a car or other powerful force. Most garage doors today have electric sensors to ensure the path of the door is clear however some older garage doors may not. A garage door without electric eyes allows the opportunity for a trash can, ladder, bicycle, car, etc., to be left in the path of the garage door. Once the garage door makes contact with the object it could knock the door off track. A garage door can also become off track from an impact to the front or back of the garage door.

  • DO NOT TOUCH THE DOOR! It will only get worse and end up costing more money. Save the problem for a trained professional.
  • When a garage door falls off track, the door appears crooked in the opening. Rollers may fall-out and bend the track out of alignment.
  • An off-track garage door can be fixed and 95% of the time, and the door usually does not need to be replaced.
  • Off-track garage doors are always inconvenient and could be dangerous. Call or book an appointment with Arrowhead Garage Doors right away.

If your garage door has come off the track, do not touch it or try to fix it yourself. Most of the time, a trained expert and appropriate tools will get your garage door working perfectly again. However, an off-track door can be dangerous and keep you from accessing your items. Don’t wait! Give Arrowhead Garage Doors a call today.

When an off-track door appears crooked, it’s a symptom that your door’s rollers are no longer held in the track. This is an inconvenient and hazardous problem that could signify failed cables or springs. Whatever the cause, Arrowhead Garage Doors, the premier garage door maintenance service in Dallas, has the right solution to get your door back on track quickly and smoothly.