Garage Door Repair

Arrowhead Garage Door and Repair has provided professional and affordable garage door repair services to the greater Dallas area. Our experienced technicians can quickly fix your garage door, install new garage doors, replace broken springs, or repair/install a new garage door opener so you can get your life back on track and secure your home.

No games. No gimmicks. We will come to your home for an estimate and give you a detailed, honest description of what needs repaired, what it will take to make the repair, as well as an accurate estimate of the cost. We will not try to upsell or talk you into parts or repairs that you don’t need.

Arrowhead Garage Door’s expert technicians will diagnose your garage door opener problems to determine the best and most affordable solution. Repairing your existing opener often makes the most sense, but sometimes we recommend replacing your opener.

When should you consider replacing your garage door opener?

  • If your opener was manufactured before 1993, it no longer meets minimum safety standards and should be replaced.
  • If your opener is lacking safety eyes that keep the door from closing when something or someone is in the way, we generally recommend replacement.
  • If your brand has significant safety concerns or is no longer manufactured, we usually recommend you replace your opener.

Garage door opener technology is always evolving, and we can help you determine which garage door opener is the best choice for your home and needs. Depending on the size and weight of your door, and the features you’re looking for, we’ll give you a comprehensive options to help you select the best opener for your home. Our team of garage door opener repair experts in Dallas can help determine the best and more affordable opener for your unique situation.

The professionals at Arrowhead Garage Doors in Dallas can serve your garage door opener repair needs, including opener replacement. Call us today to schedule your service appointment. We’ll repair or replace your garage door opener quickly, and at a price you can afford. Contact us today.