How To Manually Open A Garage Door

How To Manually Open A Garage Door

Opening a garage door manually isn’t always as easy as it looks! Whether you have been affected by a recent power outage or suspect there is an issue with your garage door, you will need to open and close the door in a precise order. If you manually open the door incorrectly, it can cause damage and pose a safety risk. Use this guide to learn how to properly open the door manually in just a few minutes and how to troubleshoot some common garage door problems.

Step 1: Unlock the Door

Before you do anything, make sure the door is completely down. If the door is partially opened, close it the rest of the way before moving on to the next step, as you don’t want to risk the door slamming to the ground once the power is disconnected.

Double-check to make sure all the hatches and locks on the door should be completely open. Make sure nothing is obstructing the path of the door and that it can be lifted without any issues.

If you are opening the garage door from the outside, you will need to find the emergency release kit. This is usually near the top of the garage door, and you will need to have a key to open it. Inside, you should find the emergency release cord.

Step 2: Unplug the Power

Disconnect any power running to your electric garage door opener. This will help you avoid further damage to the opener. You also don’t want to risk the opener malfunctioning while you are opening or closing the door manually.

While the power is unplugged, you should also take the time to inspect the opener for any damage. Issues with wires or the wall switch are common. If you see noticeable signs of damage or suspect you may need a repair, leave it unplugged until you can resolve the issue. If you cannot replace the parts or are unsure if they are operating properly, contact an experienced technician for assistance.

Step 3: Pull the Emergency Release Cord

Before you can open your garage door, you need to make sure it is fully disconnected from the opener. All garage doors have an emergency release cord, typically located near the front of the door near the ceiling. Pull this cord to disconnect the trolley from the opener. This will allow you to easily operate the door manually. If you cannot find the emergency release cord or the cord appears to be stuck, you may need to contact a technician.

Step 4: Open the Garage Door

Once the emergency release cord has been pulled, you should be able to open and close the door with little to no effort. Do not leave the door unattended while it is open. If there is a mechanical issue, the door could slam shut unexpectedly.

Pay close attention when opening the garage door manually. If the door seems heavier than usual or is making a lot of noise, it could indicate a mechanical issue. Don’t try to force the door open if it won’t budge and instead try to solve the issue. Forcing the door open manually could cause damage to the components.

One of the most common garage door repairs is the springs. These springs are usually found above the door and help to evenly distribute the weight of your door when it is being lifted. In most cases, if a garage door spring breaks, the electric opener will stop working and the door will be very heavy when it is opened manually. Sometimes, the door will open or close at an angle.

How to Reconnect Your Garage Door Opener

If you no longer need to open your garage door manually and want to start using the electric opener again, close the door completely. Then, pull the emergency release cord toward the door. Then, open and close the garage using the opener so that the trolley can re-connect to the opener carriage. 

After you let the garage door cycle once, you should be able to use the electric opener again without any issues. If your automatic garage door is still not opening and closing, try replacing the batteries. If you have multiple remotes, make sure both are working properly. If you are still having issues opening and closing your garage door automatically, it could indicate a bigger problem.

Know When to Call a Garage Door Technician

Garage doors have a lot of different components and there are many reasons why an automatic garage door opener could fail. After you have opened your garage door manually, you should inspect it and look for potential damage. Make sure all the moving parts have been lubricated and check for cracks on the rollers. Make sure all the cables and the weather stripping are in good condition. Clear the tracks of any dirt or debris. This can help you to ensure that your garage is in working order.

Because the components on a garage door are complex, you should never be afraid to bring in an experienced technician. Working with a garage door specialist to fix your automatic opener or any other issues your door may have can help you avoid further damage.

Where to Find Garage Door Experts

At Arrowhead Garage Door, we offer reliable repair services and offer new garage doors. We will always do our best to fix your garage door safely and efficiently. Whether you need assistance troubleshooting your garage door opener or would like us to make a quick repair, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment.


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